Brass and copper wire necklace with garnet beads.

I had a creative block, and my niece told me she saw a necklace once that she loved that was branches with little red beads. This gave something to ponder and figure out how to make, and this is what I got. She will receive this as a gift for spurring me on. The entire piece is made of layers of 24g copper and brass wires twisted to form a rope, then strung adding the beads. It took multiple layers (5) to get it to the thickness I wanted. It is a statement piece that she can handle.

Materials: copper brass wires copper bullet end pieces garnet beads

Techniques: wire twist

Tags: copper brass statement necklace garnet beads



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Wandering Rock Designs ...

Very nice, I like the organic form☺

Martha Brownell ...

Beautiful work! Hope you stay in your groove!

cindymarie ...

Thanks, it is different. First piece I actually drew out and produced from the sketch. My niece loves it and that is what matters most. I am now into flame painting, what fun that is! I think I got my groove back.

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Brass and copper wire necklace with garnet beads.