This fully reversible pendant is made with all raw crystals wrapped in copper wire which was aged and tumble polished. I am really impressed with the flow of this side. I am not a huge fan of the other side lol

Materials: copper wire lemurian quartz quartz amethyst fluorite golden apatite

Techniques: wire wrapping wire weaving hammered frame

A flower does not compete with the beauty around it, it just blooms.


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cindymarie ...

Beautiful, that is some fancy wrapping. I have tired but my fingers are to fat! I am always so impressed with this type of wrapping. No one sees the back anywayl

Wandering Rock Designs ...

Wow, that’s Incredible! I can’t imagine how long that took to make, beautiful work☺

Marta ...

Wow! Absolutely beautiful!

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

Becca, every time I think you’ve outdone yourself, you prove to be even better! Amaze-balls!

Wandering Rock Designs ...

Congratulations on Editor’s Choice!

Becca Ross ...

Thank you, everyone!

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