Tree of Life, finally did one!

I was impressed with everyone’s tree of life, so had to do one for myself. I carefully looked at the others pieces and my brain finally connected to how it is done. This is after my 4th try, I like this one, copper, black wire and brass. The ones I have made are in my opinion a bit large to wear so I will design a sun catcher to hang them on. What a fun design with so many possibilities my mind is swirling! I will try some smaller pieces soon. I want to do a 3D tree has anyone done that here?

Materials: copper

Techniques: wire wrapping hammering

Tags: tree of life



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Marta ...

Good job! I wouldn’t think of doing one of these! 👍

Martha Brownell ...

Very nice! I like the oblong shape!

cindymarie ...


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Tree of Life, finally did one!