Gearing up Memories!

Editor's Choice - Nov 21, 2017

Using a Vintaj locket as a focal, I built a wire frame and bail then attatched gears in antique finishes. I even used gears to make my clasp.

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cindymarie ...

Really fun looking pendant, I love the clasp and the variety of metal colors.

Spaghetti Western ...

oooh! wow! i am so impressed with how you wired those “cogs & gears” charms!!
i have a jar of them that has sat on my shelf mocking me for YEARS ( i don’t solder things very well so i sort of gave up on ever using ’em) — but this necklace of yours is inspiring!

kimberly newman ...

Thank you Cindymarie! It was fun to do and gets lots of attention when I wear it.

kimberly newman ...

Thank you Spaghetti Westetn! Glad you like my design and I hope I can inspire others to use their imagination.

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Gearing up Memories!