asymmetrical leather choker with brass swirl charm

16 gauge brass wire for wrapping leather ends & making the clasp. hammered 12 gauge brass wire – round, half-hard, for the swirl-charm. calf-skin leather lace for the cords.
i’m still trying to figure out shooting pics on a black velvet display bust (inside a cardboard & tracing paper lightbox) ha. ANYWAY — i CAN see from these pics it can use a little ‘tightening up’ as far as bits of leather that need snipping and maybe some more ‘tucking in’ of a wire. i wore it all day yesterday and it stayed in place with the clasp on the side so that’s good :)

Materials: brass wire 12 gauge wire 16 gauge wire leather lace

Techniques: wire wrapping metal working

Tags: leather choker brass modern asymmetrical bullet necklace spaghetti western brass necklace modern ranch


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cindymarie ...

Love the simplicity. I need to learn to make good clasps, yours look great. I hate pictures, they seem to bring out every little imperfection that you don’t see. I guess that is a good thing.

Spaghetti Western ...

that clasp i made directly from a fire mtn gems tutorial — ‘forming a wire hook-and-eye clasp’. i did that one in the picture exactly like the tutorial, but with 16 gauge wire. i don’t know if i can post the link here, but i’ll try.

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asymmetrical leather choker with brass swirl charm