Christmas Pen Wraps

Editor's Choice - Dec 19, 2017

These make lovely little stocking-stuffers, and are easy to do! They can be beaded in-the-round as a tube, right onto the pen itself; or beaded as a flat strip, and zipped onto the pen in the last row. There are a gazillion patterns out there, and it really helped me to learn, in a fun and easy way, to read a peyote graph and a word graph! These particular designs are by Carolyn DeGroff. They are “Christmas Celebration” (red); “Mr. Snowman” (blue); and “Gingerbread Boy” (green).
Merry Christmas, to all!

Materials: pilot pen #11 miyuki delicas beading thread beading needle

Techniques: peyote stitch beadweaving

Tags: pen wrap pen cover christmas pen wrap snowman gingerbread man christmas motif christmas medallion

Terrie ... " a many-Swarovski'd thing!"


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Cheryl Lojewski ...

I made several of these and sold them at craft shows this year. They really are fun to make.

Terrie ...

They are, aren’t they? It was an “easy” project, after having worked for WEEKS on a Helena Tang-Lim bracelet pattern. Yikes! It was so complicated, and I just needed something a little (lot!) less intense, so I made these pen wraps. Amazing, all the number of patterns out there for these things!

Terrie ...

Thank you, Jewelers Community, for the Editor’s Choice selection! Very much appreciated!
Merry Christmas to all!

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Christmas Pen Wraps