2017 Christmas Secret Bead-along "Bethlehem Star"

Each year, at Christmas time, designer extraordinaire, Jean Power, creates a secret Bead-along project. Hundreds around the world are doing the project at the same time, and instructions are issued only a day or two at a time. So, as we bead, we really don’t know what we’re making, until right towards the very end. Suddenly, just days before Christmas, the piece comes together, the instructions tell us how to put all the components together that we’ve made, and we’ve created a wonderful thing! This is this year’s secret bead along project, an 8-pointed star, with a 27mm crystal as its Center. It is fabulous!

Techniques: peyote herringbone stitch

Tags: stars 27mm delicas bethlehem

Terrie ... "Love...is a many-Swarovski'd thing!"


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Marta ...

Terrie that’s beautiful! Lots of work!

Terrie ...

Thank you, Marta! Yes, almost 4-weeks worth of work!

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

I love it!

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2017 Christmas Secret Bead-along "Bethlehem Star"