Paracord Sliding Knot Necklace

Editor's Choice - Jan 16, 2018

again, another new Specific Objects thing I’m working on. This thing actually is fun to play with – it makes a choker, and a l-oo-o-oong necklace - and the little tube-bars move around and actually stay in place and what not. (i tried to do something like this with 223 shell casings and brass chain, but I couldn’t figure out a way to get the shell-casings to “lock” into different positions on the chain) – so this almost satisfies that failed project. :)

Techniques: metal working knotting

Tags: sliding knot paracord modern necklace adjustable spaghetti western


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Marta ...

Well….great exploration project! 😊

Spaghetti Western ...

ha. i know it’s a little weird — but it is fun to fidget with.

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Paracord Sliding Knot Necklace