Beadstitched Hat Band

Editor's Choice - Jan 18, 2018

When my dad asked for a hat band for Christmas I had no idea that it would take on a life of it’s own. The hat he wanted it for was a cheap hat he picked up somewhere. After creating this piece, I had no choice but to get him a new hat to go with the band.

I did a peyote stitch around the stones and the band itself is an flat odd count peyote stitch. I came up with the design myself. It took me about three solid days of stitching to get the band complete. The stones took no time at all to make.

He cried when he opened it.

Materials: seed beads size 11/0 power cord beading thread tigers eye

Techniques: peyote stitch

Tags: beadstitching beadweaving hatband hat band

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Debbie Pribele ...

Shelly, that is gorgeous and such a beautiful story!!!

Shelly Owen ...

Thank you Debbie.

Marta ...

Beautiful work! And such a great idea! Your dad will cherish that. 😊

Spaghetti Western ...

omg — 3 days?! wow! i would not have been surprised if you had said 3 weeks. (i love peyote stitch jewelry but i have absolutely no talent for it.) Beautiful!

Martha Brownell ...

Beautiful work! I’m sure your dad is proud to wear it!

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Beadstitched Hat Band