Hammered copper earrings with sterling silver earwires

I love these, it took me some time to do the correct measuring so the hang would be right, they have a wonderful movement. Hammered copper with flame painted patina which really shines beautifully.

Materials: copper sterling silver wire

Techniques: metal working hammering flame painting

Tags: earrings copper



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Marta ...


Spaghetti Western ...

these are so pretty! would love to see them ‘on’. (-and it’s so hard to take a pic of your own ear – ha – how i have tried… )

cindymarie ...

I have taken pictures of my ears and earrings and was horrified to see the wrinkles in my ears! Wrinkles are everywhere! I never thought about ear wrinkles. Wish I had a grand daughter or niece living close who could model for me. Maybe I will try taking a picture and posting on this page, hope the earrings make-up for the wrinkles. I took a picture but can’t get it to down load correctly. I put it on my facebook page, rolcreations

pamela ...

These r beautiful I too flame copper
It’s addicting

cindymarie ...

I love to flame copper, you’re right it is addicting.

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Hammered copper earrings with sterling silver earwires