Hamsa Hand Necklace for Allison

Editor's Choice - Jan 22, 2018

I made this necklace with 14 gauge brass wire, black silk/nylon cord, and a glass eye-ball bead. I still need to file away a few dings here and there - and then use Everbrite ProtectaClear tarnish resistant coating – with which I have a love/hate relationship. Love, because it really seems to work — and hate because it’s time consuming to apply, required quite the learning curve to learn how to use, and is also potentially damaging (will melt) nylon necklace cords. They say it isn’t damaging to leather and non-synthetic cords, but I can definitely tell when it gets on them.

Techniques: metal working wire wrapping

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cindymarie ...

Darling, I love it. I am struggling with making interesting necklaces, to put my pendants on. This looks really really nice.

Spaghetti Western ...

thank you so much! oh and regarding necklace cords — it can’t get any easier than ones like this! instant necklace with no decisions about clasps. -i make them a bit longer than necessary because it’s easy enough to shorten by tying a knot at the back/top.

Marta ...

Love it!

Spaghetti Western ...

Thank you Marta!

It's A Wrap - Bracelets & More ...

Love it!

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Hamsa Hand Necklace for Allison