Adjustable Resin Ring

Editor's Choice - Apr 04, 2018

Resin is hot on trend this year and is very versatile.

This lovely ring has been expertly created using a two-part epoxy resin. The vibrant blue hue was mixed in the resin and then swirled with the gold, silver, and copper metal flakes creating an ocean effect with hidden mermaid treasure within. The dome has been sanded and smoothed and attached to the band using high-quality, industrial strength adhesive.

The “stone” of this ring measures approximately 25 mm (1 inch).

Materials: resin metal flakes

Techniques: resin

Tags: resin ring resin jewelry adjustable resin ring mermaid jewelry

Modern Eclectic Jewelry


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Shelly Owen ...

Thank you for choosing this as the Editor’s Choice.

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Adjustable Resin Ring