Jewelry Image Retouching Making It easier for Shoppers Everywhere

Photo retouching is one of the leading imagery post-production methods that is making jewelry websites more aesthetic and creative in this online shopping world. With newer technology past and current images can be given color, contrast, and background that will mesmerize the user for their authenticity and beautification. E-Commerce as one of the leading industry all over the world for their ease of services uses these images to give the user the feeling of product views directly from their home only.
If you have noticed the rapid surge of e-commerce sites, you would also see a determined trend in how products are advertised. Especially if you are a jewelry seller professional jewelry photo retouching is how your products will get sold online.
After all, as an online jewelry shopper, if I want a Tiffany cut diamond ring, I would want to see exactly that on the website. But, getting that tiffany style is hard for raw images and that is where Tiffany style retouching is required on your jewelry product items.
So, here’s the truth about getting into the jewelry business. No matter how big of an enterprise you are or small, your raw jewelry images won’t get you sales. Because jewelry is a product that is superficially valued and holds emotion investments more than often.
Even the best of jewelry product photographers and jewelers online would end up needing their jewelry images retouched before delivery to the client. The main reasons behind having jewelry photos retouched are to maintain the high-end quality in images giving it a glamor touch because, in the end, the buyer is going to want to inspect every part of your jewelry item available online.
There are few classic retouching services that professional jewelry photographers and jewelers require, like clipping path, cropping, and scaling, gemstone shine, tiffany style retouching, removal of reflections and background removal. These are industry proven practices in the post-production process of product imagery.
Such imagery editing not just influences your buyers to proceed to the checkout but highlights the best parts of your item. Buyers get turned off my poor quality images and that means jewelers lose out on a lot of sales.
These are usually the why professional online jewelers opt for image retouching;
It improves the brand connection with your product
The image quality is dramatically improved to suit buyer patterns
Bulk images form a consistent quality to influence buyer behavior
There are many jewelry image retouching companies that offer partial and even end to end retouching solutions to raw jewelry product images. You can avail anything from clipping path services to background removal.
One of the bestselling items in jewelry are those pieces that come with flawless image quality and no drawbacks. Buyers are lured with perfect looking product images with good reviews. And one of the best ways to achieve that is to make sure your product is being showcased properly.
Your shoppers are people who want clarity, to be visually satisfied with your product images and most important inspect it through your visuals. If these are not present in your pictures, chances are you have already lost your buyers.
In the end, choosing what suits best for your jewelry and how you decide to present it to your consumer sets your brand and future sale points. Jewelry is one of those finest items that are not really purchased if they don’t look good.
So, choosing the jewelry image retouching services actually gives you that advantage that many other retailers sometimes don’t have. In understanding this crucial point, images have made a big buyer behavior shift. This is where we at GemEye have realized that no matter what the image quality of your jewelry products influences your shoppers on a dramatic scale.
At GemEye, we have rolled out a state of the art imagery retouching module called, GemEye Retouch to make sure that jewelry photographers get a centralized imagery solution that covers everything. Even, bulk orders.
Our tailored image module comes with a fully geared retouching technique to make sure that your raw jewelry photos are resized, cropped well, gemstones are shiny and attractive and mostly it has the buyers appeal for online retail.
We not just offer end-to-end imagery retouching services, our futuristic software is designed to take care of all your imagery requirements, no matter how big or small your enterprise may be.
Online stores are on and one changing their listing rules but having studio quality images for your jewelry item is a mandatory rule for all online retailers. Because of the number of smartphone users buying online, image manipulation and visual stimulation are an industry proven sales weapons.
That is why more and more professional jewelry photographers opt for jewelry image retouching to make sure that the images don’t just sell the products but creates a lasting impression on the buyer’s mind.
So, if you need to target your shoppers with high-end jewelry product images, feel free to connect with us for a free trial and we will learn what your online store exactly needs to deliver you nothing but the best.

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