Floral Lampwork Bead Earrings

Used really pretty pink floral lampwork beads for these earrings. Also the earring wire with the floral motif seemed to pair with them so well. Just used a small hot pink bead as an accent and bead caps.

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dinger ...

Wish to make a few rings just as a hobby. Never made any type of jewelry before. Can anyone recommend a book that gives the basic information about jewelry? I have no idea about equipment, what a ring size is, or anything else. Just watched a few youtube videos. Don’t want to waste my time and money on books that are above my abilities at this moment.


seoziw22 ...

Well, from my experience, i would say that be creative in your design. For instance go for soft colors. they look elegant on girls.

Really Keen Jewelry ...

Thank you for your comments! I’ve been away from from my computer for a while. seoziw22, thank you for your suggestion of soft colors for young girls. I have done a lot of girl earrings and necklaces and that is what they like for sure.
dinger, I’m not sure about the rings and where you could get a book on that subject alone. I will ask a friend though to see if she knows anything since she owns a bead store in my town. I think your online tutorials sound good. If you go onto Fire Mountain Gems site they have loads of free tutorials and a list of materials you’d need to complete them. Give them a try!

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Floral Lampwork Bead Earrings