Colorful Handmade Animal Bracelets

Colorful animal bracelets handmade from copper in vibrant colors. Copper bracelets are silver plated and we diamond cut around the bracelet borders to make them sparkle. All the animal bracelets are designed in matching sets with earrings, rings, and necklaces.

I am the jewelry designer and artisan of Copper Reflections specializing in handmade jewelry with animal, wildlife, western and Native American designs. Other than our own handmade jewelry designs we also work with renowned artists such as Lynn Bean, Jo Lynch, Bob Coonts, and Nick Gustafson. We make their artwork onto jewelry. From designing to crafting our jewelry everything is hand made at our workshop. We go through 32 steps to complete each piece.

Techniques: silver plating diamond cutting

Tags: jewelry handmade copper bracelets animal hummingbird butterfly

Handmade Copper Jewelry by Copper Reflections


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How much is the moose bracelet?

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Colorful Handmade Animal Bracelets