Hammered Copper Cuff

Gorgeous and one of a kind, this hammered copper cuff features Chocolate Moss Agate and beautiful button crystals. A generous 1.5 inches / 3.8 cm wide. Cuff has been hand cut from copper sheet metal, formed, and hammered. Aluminum eyelet rivets provide an anchor for the wire zigzags and row of gemstone and crystals. Slightly adjustable….just squeeze to fit to your wrist. A wax sealer/protector has been applied generously and then hand buffed to a shine.


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Materials: copper agate crystal

Techniques: metal working wire wrapping stringing

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Modern Eclectic Jewelry


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Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

Really cool.

Shelly Owen ...

Thanks, Donna.

Brandswife Creations ...

Interesting design, I love it.

Marta ...

Very nice.

Shelly Owen ...

Thank you guys. :) It was both fun and frustrating to make. I broke two saw blades when I was cutting out the center part.

kimberly newman ...

This is awesome! Love the copper and your designs is spot on!

Shelly Owen ...

Thank you, Kimberly.

Lynn Jones ...

Great design. I know what it’s like to go through blades. Frustrating but worth it. Very nice.

Shelly Owen ...

Thank you Lynn.

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Hammered Copper Cuff