Musings of a creative mind #8: it hurts a little

So, the person who blocked me as I was in the lineup to mail her package, finally received her package.. But she had blocked me, so she had to message me on my facebook page to tell me that she was going to throw out the stuff I sent her because she was never going to wear it. Way to add insult to injury! I know that was said just to hurt me. I know because she deleted her facebook account right after sending a couple of messages to my page. I know that she deleted her account because I couldn’t reply to her, and I got a couple of friends to search her to see if she’d deleted it.


I sent her an email (because you have to provide an email address to paypal, and I have that address.. so blocking me on facebook doesn’t prevent me from ever contacting you.. duh) telling her to cease and desist.. and if she ever contacts me again she will be talking to my representation.

The bright side is that paypal found in my favour. :) I may not have my pretties, but I do have the money. Well, okay, not anymore.. I was out of silver and in the process of ordering more when paypal froze my account.. (that’s how I found out it was completely frozen lol) So yeah, I have silver on the way. Yay!

I’m half waiting for the other shoe to drop

A flower does not compete with the beauty around it, it just blooms.

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Madalynne Homme ...

Oh boy! What a mess she is. I’m sorry that you’re having to deal with this awful customer. Just focus on all the customers you have made happy.

Debbie Pribele ...

Silver lining: silver on the way :)
It sucks, doesn’t it, when we tangled up in someone’s journey of pain and healing .. or not healing. :(
I wish her well .. and am grateful that things turned out well for you .. I mean, come on, – "silver on the way .. yah!!

Terrie ...

Wow. Talk about something killing your muse! But I’m glad it hasn’t deterred you and you’re still ordering supplies and creating beautiful things.
Bet ya dollars to donuts that she IS wearing your stuff, and was trying to get it for free. Some people wouldn’t be happy if you beat ’em with a brand new rope!

Stay positive, Becca … keep creating (you KNOW your pieces are valuable and stunning, and you don’t need affirmation from HER!)

Enjoy your day!