Street Fairs #1: One Day Street Craft Fairs

In our area, we have several one day street craft fairs, usually on Sundays, that allow me to get my creations out there in the public eye. The registration fee is $20 for 5 hour set up for a 10×10 space. I have found that this is the best way to get my creations “out there” for the public to see, feel and try on. This type of venue has increased the number of customer that can follow my works from that point on through Facebook and my website. I have increased my sales tremendously since attending street fairs. If you haven’t considered one day street craft fairs, you should!!!

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Debbie Kline Biles

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Tammy Byrd ...

I also do one day sales as I can. They are a great way to get new contacts and get your name out there. Street fairs are great and if you are just starting out and want to see how to do things, a street fair would be a great idea.