Jewelers.Community Gazette - Issue 1.07 (October 2015)

2015 is sailing by rather quickly. Can you believe that it is October already?!! I’m sure that many of you would be surprised to hear this, as you have been so busy creating, getting lost in the love of jewelry-making. But now is a great time to take a break, if only just long enough to check out our new Awards … (see below). And what a “treat” it is, I might add.

Happy creation-ing, everyone!

~ Debbie

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kimberly newman ...

Thank you Debbie for choosing my bracelet as an inspiration piece! I would like to think that my work will inspire someone to do the unusual.

Debbie Pribele ...

what a beautiful thought: “inspire someone to do the unusual” … I might be using that quote in the future!!
(or, right now …. )

kimberly newman ...

Lol! Love it Debbie!