How to Keep Track of Inventory #1: Numbering Your Inventory

I have a system that is used in many retail stores for my SKU’s, or stock keeping units.

I use a three digit
category number,
followed by a four
digit color number,
followed by a four
digit item number
and ending with a two digit size number.

For example

1xx for bracelets
2xx for anklets
3xx for earrings
4xx for necklaces
5xx for sets
6xx for wire pendants
7xx for wire rings
8xx for wire bracelets
I use the next two digits to give me a type of material

x2x Seed Beads
x3x Pearls
x4x Acrylic
x5x Metal
x6x Glass
x7x Natural Stone

The next set of numbers is for the color of findings/wire used and the color the of the item.
The first two are for the findings/wire color, i.e.

10xx Silver
11xx Sterling Silver
12xx Silver Filled
15xx Titanium
20xx Gold Plated
21xx Gold Filled
22xx Brass
24xx Rose Gold
28xx Champagne Gold
30xx Copper, Non-Tarnish
31xx Bare Copper
35xx Antique Copper
45xx Antique Bronze
80xx Black
87xx Gunmetal

The last two digits of this number are for the color of the item.
xx00-xx09 for white to ivory
xx10-xx19 for pink to purple
xx20-xx29 for blue
xx30-xx39 for green
xx40-xx49 yellow
xx50-xx59 orange
xx60-xx69 red
xx70-xx79 brown
xx80-xx89 grey to black
xx90-xx99 assorted colors

The larger these digits, the darker the color.

The next four digits are the identification number for the item
starting with
0001 and continuing consecutively.

The final two numbers are for the length i.e.
75 for 7.5" bracelet
18 for an 18" necklace

So here is one of my SKU’s and what it means

This is a Titanium wire wrapped pendant, with a navy blue, natural stone that is three inches long.

Now that I have my item numbered, I file them in boxes by catagory, all bracelets in one box, pearls in another, etc… then numerically. Ultimately all of my bracelets with silver findings are together by color.
using this system I can make two bracelets that are similar, say a different length and I will be able to find them easily.
I then index my inventory on-line.

I hope this makes sense and maybe helps someone to figure out a system that makes it easier for you to handle you business.

Best of luck,

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