Jewelers.Community Theme: Twisted Wire

Looking for a theme idea for this month, “twisted wire” popped into my head and then, well, I just couldn’t get it out! There’s something fun about the words; I think it should be a song or, at least, the name of a band.

This may not be a music band, but we could have a band of “twisted wire” creators. Want to join in?

Here are some twisted wire creations shared here in our community, so far. Please “embed” your creations in the comments section.

And… we’d also love to hear about your successes, challenges, tips, and strategies regarding twisting and using twisted wire.

  • Post your comments below
  • Write a blog
  • Create a tutorial
  • or… any other ideas?

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Tammy Byrd ...

I love the look of twisted wire. I use it quite often in my wire wrapping. Wire twisters are not very expensive but not everyone has a supply store close that they can stop by and purchase one at and if you add shipping and handling, it pretty much defeats the purpose, so here is a hint that might help. Do you have an exacto knife? If you do, check the chuck and see if it has an X at the top, where the blade goes. If it has a round hole with an X, it wont work. If yours has the correct top, here are a few hits on starting out with a twist.
1. You want a nice tight twist, otherwise it looks like an after thought.
2. If you are twisting more then one wire, you want to get an even twist on all wires so count how many times you twist each wire and then lay them side by side and compare them.
3. You dont have to twist the entire piece of wire, you can create your bundle of wires and twist them after the bindings, then you will have plain and twisted on the same piece of wire.

Hope you enjoy your twisting experience.
Best of luck,

Debbie Pribele ...

good tips! Thank-you Tammy.

Tammy Byrd ...

Your welcome.

kimberly newman ...

Have a drill in the garage? Put a nail in a stud in the garage, wrap one end of the length of wire you want to twist around the nail. Put the other end of your wire in the drill and tighten drill chuck tightly. Now pump the drill trigger " not full force!" You can do as many strands as you want. I even do mixed colors of wire together. I do multiple 5 foot sections at a time to have on hand. Store them on an empty wire spool to save room and recycle! Have fun!

Imela Online ...

I love this! Twisted wire is my next thing, I am sure going to use this as inspiration for my work, of course, if you agree. ;))

kimberly newman ...

Have fun Imela and welcome to the site!

Marta ...

Gee…until the latest news letter, I never even knew about the “Twisted Wire”! Great suggestions, that I think I will give a try! 😀