Jewelers.Community Interview: Cheryl Lojewski

This interview, with Cheryl Lojewski is from December, 2015

1. Tell us a little about yourself

Well, let’s see. My name is Cheryl Lojewski and I live in the Land of Enchantment. I’ve been married to a great guy for almost 43 years and we have two children, a daughter & a son and we have two beautiful granddaughters. We also have two granddogs, two grandcats and two great-grandcats! I’ve been retired for almost three years now and absolutely love it….more time to bead!

2. What is your “inspiration story” — where did your interest in jewelry all begin?

I started beading about 15 or so years ago after taking a wire wrapping class at our local community college. I quickly moved to stringing and found I enjoyed it more. I have also tried my hand at beading but haven’t ventured into the difficult patterns. I do enjoy changing it up from time to time though. I love learning new techniques like crocheting with wire, working with clay and a bit of macrameing.

3. What is your dream project?

Recently while cleaning out my mother’s house I came across a copper and turquoise belt buckle. I found out it had belonged to my dad and I thought it would make a nice, unusual pendant. Now I’m searching for just the right turquoise to go with it. I think it will make a very unique piece of jewelry and will have a special place in my heart.

4. What has been your greatest challenge so far and how did you overcome it?

A little over five years ago I started a business with a close friend. We decided to keep it an internet business as neither one of us wanted to have a brick and mortar business. It’s been a real challenge since when we started it the economy took a dive. And, since we were both still working we just didn’t have enough time to devote to it. Now that we are retired we have more time to spend on the business, but have found we have other things we seem to want to do. We did several craft fairs this year and hope to pick up more next year. I guess it’s still a work in progress. Lol.

5. What is the greatest gift that jewelry-making has given you?

I have made a few pieces of jewelry I call Cherished Memories – Keepsake Jewelry. I use a picture from the family to create a pendant. Then I string a necklace to complement the pendant and try to personalize it to their request. Every piece has a special meaning and I’m glad I can help create someone’s special memory. I even created my own “special memory” after my beloved puppy passed away. Now I can wear his picture close to my heart.

6. What words of wisdom do you have for someone beginning to make jewelry?

Have fun! Try new things, be creative and don’t worry, there are never any mistakes. OK, well maybe there are mistakes, but that gives you a challenge to work with. We can be our own worst critics, right. Find what you love doing, but never stop learning.

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Marta ...

Good interview!

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Nice interview, Cheryl!

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Sounds familiar! LOL! Great story!