Out of the Groove

In the last month we have been packing up an apartment, finishing our new house re-model, moving to our new house, entertaining family, trying to unpack and make it homey and on and on and on…So needless to say, even though my new studio was all set up and ready to go, I didn’t have time to make use of it! With my creative juices being filtered off into a different mode, I found it hard to sit down and start to create again. Has anyone else had that problem? I know that once I start again and I get into the groove again, it will be fine. But in the mean time….I need a kick in the butt!!!

Thanks for listening and I missed this community!

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Marta ...

Yes!! I’ve had family in, Christmas dinner, parties and the like. I still try to get in my craft room daily, but it’s for other things…sewing, knitting and now I need to make table, place cards and some other props for my daughters mystery dinner… I’m still doing some beading, but it’s more exploratory than anything else. Good luck to you, you’ll be fine once you can take a deep breath!

Linda Foust ...

Here’s your Kick K. Lynn. I pretty much am in the same mode. Holidays have stressed and tired me out. My creative mind is still working but can’t seem to get that Push. To finally relax has been a good step for me. Good Luck.

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

I also felt the same way during the holidays. Nothing was happening with my creativity and I focused on other things. It’s slowly coming back, so I’m not too worried. Just think, if we were always focused on jewelry alone, we’d get nothing else done, including rest.

K. Lynn Designs ...

So true Donna!