Collaboration Creation 1 #7: VOTE on the THEME

oops.. my apologies for not having posted this before!!
I’ve really messed up the voting process. argh.

OK… so what is our theme?

1. flowers
2. valentines
3. sea life (fish, mermaids)
4. spring

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penpen ...


Marta ...

I like them all! Part of me wants to go with hearts because Valentine’s Day is coming up, and spring reminds me of flowers, but since I suggested the sea life I think I’ll go with that.
Sea life

Terrie ...

I’m sort of leaning towards the sea life theme, myself. Yeah. I like that. I’ll go with that!

Linda Foust ...

I love the sea life and spring idea myself

Cheryl Lojewski ...

Sea life

Debbie Pribele ...

Sea Life it is

thanks everyone for voting!

Terrie ...