Beadland Tutorials #5: DIY Crystal Bridal Necklace

Are you or someone you know getting married? Do you love the look of expensive bridal jewelry? Then this tutorial is for you!

Here is a super sparkly bridal necklace that looks expensive but is easy and cost-effective to make. The gorgeous crystals are Crystazzi® brand from Cousin Corporation of America and are available now at A.C. Moore Craft Stores. They have a brilliant fire to them that is just stunning. Make it for your bride-to-be friends or make and keep for yourself just in case. :) Happy beading!

1 pkg Crystazzi® Crystal AB Pear (36756227)
1 pkg Crystazzi® Crystal Rosaline AB Bicone (36756402)
1 pkg Crystazzi® Crystal AB Cushion/Saucer (36756466)
silver plated link chain
15 silver plated head pins
5 silver plated eye pins
4 silver plated 4mm jump rings
1 silver plated 6mm jump ring
1 silver plated lobster claw clasp

Chain Nose/Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Flush Cutters

Skill Level: Intermediate Level Beginner

Craft Time: About an hour

Techniques to know:
Forming Loops
Cutting Chains
Jump Rings


1. Make the following: 1 large pear dangle, 4 small pear dangles, and 10 bicone dangles by threading a bead onto a head pin and forming a loop.

2. Make five cushion crystal connectors by threading a crystal onto an eye pin and forming a loop.

3. Measure and cut the following two lengths of chain: 18 inches and 4 inches.

4. Find the center link of both chains. To help you do this, thread an eye pin through the end links of each chain. Hold the chain up. Look for a link in the center part of the droop of the chain and slide a head pin through that link. Set shorter chain aside.

5. Attach one of the cushion connectors to the center link of the long chain. Attach a bicone dangle to the 4th link from the center link. Attach another cushion connector in the fourth link over from the bicone. Attach one more bicone and one more cushion in the same manner. Repeat for the opposite side of the center link.

6. Using a 4mm jump ring, attach the center link of the short chain to the center cushion connector. Attach another 4mm jump ring to the 10th link over from the center of the short chain to the bottom of the next cushion connector. Attach the end link of the short chain to the next cushion connector. Repeat for opposite side.

7. Attach the large pear dangle to the center link of the short chain. Attach a bicone connector five links over from the center link of the short chain. Attach a small pear dangle to the same link of the small chain as the second cushion connector. Five links over, attach another bicone dangle. Attach a small pear dangle to the last link of the short chain. Repeat for the opposite side.

8. Using the 4mm and 6mm jump rings, attach the clasp to end of the long chain.

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