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I just thought I’d see who in this community is in the UK. I’m going to be visiting in June and was wondering what/where the best bead stores are at? I’m going there to visit my son and it’s my first time there. Besides the sight seeing, I thought if he had to be at work one of the days I’m there I could go explore some of the stores.



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Terrie ...

…..aannnnddd, perhaps meet up with some of your bead buddies from this site! That’s the way I met Catherine Hall. I was on a pre planned trip to Scotland, anyway, and Oban was one of our stops. Discovered on this site that she lived there, and we met up with her for a whole day. She took us all over the place around her lovely area. She is a terrific person, and it was such a nice way to meet her! It would be a lot of fun if you could do the same thing, if you find out some on this site are in the area where you’ll be!

Marta ...

I agree! My son has all kinds of places he is planning on taking me, but there will be one or two days that he might have to work…I will be in the Angel area? At least I think it is that area…I’ll have to get some more info from my son.

Terrie ...

Oh, I do hope you’ll be able to meet some of our fellow people while you’re there.
OK, all you folks from the UK … are you reading this? LOL!