Artist's Blues

Do you ever have bad spells where all your bead orders seem to fall flat or come in wrong or missing something, and your creative drive is completely flat? When whatever you make never comes out right, and you end up taking it apart several times before you give up? When you get a design laid out, fall short on beads, order them from the same place you got the last ones and the new ones don’t match? When you can’t even whip up enough creativity to stage pieces to photograph?

What does everyone out here do to help inspire themselves when they hit a wall?


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Marta ...

I walk away from it, find something else to do and sometimes don’t go back for days! I have three projects going right now…had to wait for beads to come for one, the other two are waiting for a another stroke of genius from me (haha) so many times I start a brand new project!
I just took apart a bunch of pieces I started, that didn’t turn out, and put the beads back in their containers, so than I organized my desk top. I also will play a computer game to go mindless and than it seems I can go back to the beads with new ideas.

Linda Foust ...

I too walk away! I have a few going right now as well, and they just don’t look like what is in my mind. So I wait. I usually go watch a movie, visit with my friends or mother to get a fresh perspective again. Sometimes it becomes so clear what I need to do, others…….well they usually end up back in their box. Sometimes it takes me days to get that inspiration back, even weeks at times because it seems to haunt me. I can’t stand an unfinished piece or idea. I have to fix it. LOL

Annah Kay ...

Me as well. I am right in the middle of a forced break, so to speak. I just knew what I wanted, and everything was coimg out close, but not right. So just had to step back, put everything away and try not to force it. Doesn’t happen often where nothing is working, but it does happen.

Martha Brownell ...

Walking away, taking a break, doing something else, all great ideas! I think we have all felt the same thing you have described Cindy. It’s normal in any creative process I think. What I try to avoid is letting it make me question my work and abilities. This really creates problems for an already low self esteem. Fortunately, this doesn’t sound like you are struggling with your confidence, just experiencing frustration with the process and that just comes with anything you would do like this. Good advice here from your fellow beaders! Take a break from it. Another thing I do is switch into “organization” mode. Go thru your findings and make them more organized or work on updating your inventory list. This makes me feel a little less of the frustration as I am working with things that I can control. Hang in there! This too shall pass!

Madalynne Homme ...

I too just set it aside and come back to it when I have a different angle or take on it. I go thru periods of complete creativity and am super productive and then there are times when I’m not feeling the love. I’ve just learned to let it flow. We have ebbs and tides. We can’t force it. The more you try the more frustrated you’ll get. It all comes together when the time is right. It’s not just you, it’s all of us. It always works out!

Debbie Pribele ...

I like that term: “forced break”. (Thanks, Annah)
Sometimes “the Universe” knows better than we do and makes us take a break and get rejuvenated, re-energized, and re-grounded.