Jewelers.Community Gazette: Issue 2.03 (March 2016)

ooops!! Forgot to post this last month. Sorry about that.

March has come in like a lion and we hope that means it will go out like a lamb, with spring just around the corner!

Spring is about new beginnings and that can include new jewelry-making skills, new projects waiting to be created, and, of course, new challenges ready to inspire!

What do you have in the plans for Spring 2016? What are your goals for the next month or two?

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Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

Goals for April: make more ocean and beachy things for the store and more floral things just because I love growing things! May: we’ll be in Cancun for two weeks, so I hope to get some South of the Border inspiration!

Debbie Pribele ...

well doesnt that all sound lovely