Learning Viking Weaving #1: Today is THE DAY:)

So I thought I’d keep a little, mini blog going on while I begin to viking weave.

Just a short bio, I stared working with metal and wire just a year ago. I wanted to jump into the viking knit stuff right away, but was beyond intimidated by it.

So, last night, after finishing up an all-wire, no stone piece, I decided that today was the day I was doing it. Watched/read about 20 tuts until near 4am. Made notes, got everything together. In about an hour or so, I’ll be in my studio, getting started.

I am nervous. I don’t expect it to be great, it will be a first. And I stress about the amount of wire I might end up wasting. But I am ready. Bought a ton of extra silver plated wire just for this.

But still, I’m a bundle of excited energy.

So, any of you fab jewelry makers who have tried, I welcome any tips. :)

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Marta ...

Good luck! I hadn’t heard of Viking weave till you wrote this, so I looked it up. Looks somewhat difficult and I give you much 👏 ! It is pretty and I look forward to seeing how you do.

Linda Foust ...

Looking forward to seeing your creations!

Annah Kay ...

So far , so good. I did break my wood drawing plate last night :( but a new one is on it’s way. So now I’m just working on making the start bases. This is the first one, a little wobbly, but thats ok.

Marta ...

Very interesting!

Annah Kay ...

So ot cane in today, and I have about 10 inchs all stretched and ready for the next step. Turned out ok. Not to bad imo. I’m going to spend the day working on a few more in this thicker gauge before moving on into my finer wire. The following pix are what that first one finished as.

Annah Kay ...

Annah Kay ...

Marta ...

Very cool. You’re doing a great job.