Beading Retreat begins tomorrow!

So, it’s finally here! I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning before dawn, to head out to the airport. I’ll be attending the beading retreat, “Beading In The Ozarks”, in Arkansas. I’ve mentioned it to some of you on this site, already.
I’m so excited. I’ve never done anything like this in an organized, hosted beading setting … I don’t even have beading buddies who live nearby, so I’ve always been a “solo beader”, until this. It’ll be interesting, as I have NO idea how my skills will compare with those of others, and I’m a fairly “slow” beader. There will be people there with many, many years of experience, and some with few, like me (I’ve only been beading a little over 2½ years). I will be learning from some “big names” in the beading/teaching industry, and that’s both exciting and intimidating!
I have all my required kits bought and packed, my tools and magnifying lamp were shipped ahead of time so TSA doesn’t give me a hard time and confiscate my expensive tools, and my suitcase is all packed, except those last-minute detail things. I’m ready!
So, BITO, here I come! Wish me luck, folks. I so, so, so need this time away, this “beading therapy”, and am looking forward to making lots of new beading friends and learning from some of the best!
I’ll give a full report when I return! :-)

Now … I’m a bundle of nerves and excitement, so I think I’ll go make a pair of earrings to wear on the airplane, just to keep my mind and hands busy! LOL!

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Terrie ... " a many-Swarovski'd thing!"


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Marta ...

So happy for you Terrie! Enjoy and let us all know how it goes! 😀

Debbie Pribele ...

how exciting.
You must be already there and knee-deep in beads!! :)

Can’t wait to here more about your experience.

Terrie ...

I’m home now… And knee deep in beads! Lol! They sent us home with so many goodies and samples! I’m in my Zen place! LOL! The Retreat itself was absolutely fabulous! I worked with three amazingly talented, Top Notch instructors: Shelly Nybakke, Cynthia Rutledge, and Jay Paramesh, all three being renowned designers, instructors, widely published, and extremely accomplished beaders. It was my first Retreat, and I’m addicted! I have already signed up to attend a second one. It will also be in Arkansas. So that means another trip back down there! But it was so worth the money and the time invested in it. I learned an amazing amount tricks, tips, new techniques, etc., and studying under the three different instructors, all of whom have very different styles, was very educational. Of course the camaraderie and the laughter & the fun between the very large group of women that attended made it even more fun. We had a blast. Oh yeah, we did a lot of beading, & we did a lot of eating, too! Dancing, sightseeing, pajama parties, we had lots of fun! It was such a joy to be with like-minded beaders, people who enjoy doing the same thing. I just can’t say enough about it! I would encourage anybody to do one, even if it’s only a one-day Retreat on a local level. It’s amazing how much you learn and pick up from other people. And all the gizmos and gadgets that everybody has and the tricks and tips were phenomenal!

Cheryl Lojewski ...

Glad you had such a good time.

Debbie Pribele ...

that is SO wonderful. I’m pumped and I wasn’t even there!!!!

Madalynne Homme ...

Sounds like a blast Terrie! I’m happy for you!

Cassandra Wood ...

Have fun!

jazzy.julz ...

Sounds like a blast! How did you out find out about it? Maybe you could post some information….

Terrie ...

Thank you, all! I’m feeling a bit more rested now, a week after the event.
Jazzy, I was reading on one of my FB beading sites (way back in January) a post by someone (whom I don’t know) who had just returned from some-retreat-or-other. It got me thinking, how i’d love to have some bead buddies and do a retreat like that. So, I did a google search, and this retreat came up, “Beading In The Ozarks”. I sent a msg to the “contact us” organizer, and she wrote back, saying the retreat was already full for 2016. I asked her if I could be “wait-listed”. She did that. In March, I rec’d an email from her saying there had been a cancellation, and asked if I’d still like to attend. The rest is history. It was a BLAST, and something I hope to attend each year, now.
While there, I heard of about 50 other retreats of this nature. They’re all over the country!!! I’m already signed up to attend my second one, in October (again, in Arkansas … that area seems to be very active in beading, guilds, societies, etc).
I’ve done an exhaustive search here in my area (DC, No. Virginia, western MD, so. PA) and there isn’t much offered. I did find a “Northern Va. Bead Society”,and after things settle down here in the next few weeks, I intend to join that group ($35/year membership dues) and become an active part. They have a very active program and bring in some phenomenal, world-renowned instructors. They stay busy, and seem very professional and organized. I’ll see. I just have so many other commitments in the next few weeks, so I’ll wait until I can breathe again, before jumping into the Bead Society.
Just do a google search, or look in the “Meet-Ups” program, to see what’s in your area.

Marta ...

Thanks for the info Terrie!

Terrie ...

Y’welcome! 😀

Jean Bruce ...

I’ve look into this beading retreat in the Arkansas, as I’m in Southern Indiana but I thought it was more for weaving or working with seed beads, maybe I will check back into it.
Thanks for the information on it

Terrie ...

Jean, the retreat in Arkansas, called Beading in the Ozarks, is specifically for seed beads and bead weaving. There are lots of others out there that do metal work, glass work, and other stuff. But the one in Arkansas is seed beads and bead weaving.

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

I’m so glad you found this retreat and your excitement/enthusiasm is certainly palpable, Terrie. Glad you learned and had so much fun!

Terrie ...

Thank you, Donna! I’m signed up to go to another one again, October 7th thru 9th. It is also in Arkansas. They have a very active beading Society in that state. I’m learning a lot, and having access to some exceptional and renowned designers.