The journey #3: Who else struggles with this?

I love bead embroidery . I am compelled to do it. I love the process and freedom of it. But. . . .it sure doesn’t earn me much money. I try to do things that are probably more everyday jewelry for a bit of income but I can’t stick with it. I have to go back to my embroidery. What is up with that compulsion? Are you too compelled and still not earning much money? I have really tried the online advertising and networking but still I can’t seem to find the right customers for the embroidery. I know people like it and I am realistic that it isn’t everyday wear but somewhere there must be buyers for it? I would love to sell 1-2 items per month.
Well maybe I am dreaming. But I know one thing, I will just have to keep dreaming!


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  • Part 3: Who else struggles with this?

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K. Lynn Designs ...

Unfortunately, when you make something like that that requires so much time, you can’t possible sell it for what it’s worth. I don’t know what your pricing is set at, but I know even with the more simplistic jewelry that I make, I just have to come to terms with the fact that I can’t charge what it’s worth. You will only get what the market will bare. Just my two cents from what i’ve experienced.

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

I’ve found it more difficult this year as my checks are getting smaller and smaller. Granted, I haven’t been working steadily on anything new because of traveling. The shop I sell in is also not open every day and the heat has kept many people from shopping. So there are other factors beyond my control. The shop owners also charge me 30% to sell there and I have to pay for credit card charges. That means my markup is even higher than I want it to be. I guess I needed to get that out because this year has been the pits for sales.

I’ve also found that some people will not like the pieces, but six months later, some one comes in and has to have them. It’s definitely difficult to predict what people will buy.
I know the work that goes into our creations isn’t well compensated, generally speaking, but keep at it and you will find that things may change for you soon.

kimberly newman ...

It amazes me the amount of people that will go to a home jewelry party with items (from a known brand name) and spend hundreds on pieces that I repair in the shop daily. Yet they won’t spend money on quality pieces that will last for many years to come.