The Creative Process

Following Martha’s blog about the struggle with “giving up the craft”, I was reminded of the Ojibwe Wisdom: “Agaamashkode Debwe” >> “Across the Fire Speaks the Truth”.

Normally, this Wisdom, for me, speaks of listening to other people, respecting their perspective, and adding it to your own for a more complete understanding of the Truth. But in this case, it holds Wisdom in another way. As you sit around the fire there is room for all creative expressions, all creative interpretations, and creations.

We each hold our own view of beauty, design, and creativity. There is room for all. The main reason that I love the “collaboration creations” challenges is that even though we are all creating using the same design elements, everyone’s interpretations and creations are different, unique, personalized – and beautiful! AND – And there are people out there interested in YOUR unique expression of beauty.

While on this subject of creativity, I recently participated in a training series by Aaron Paquette, and First Nations artist. He talked about our natural gifts, talents, and passions, and how we should/can/need to honour these gifts by giving them back to the world. When you have been given the gift of creating beauty through jewelry-making (or whatever form of expression), you honour your Self and your journey by using the gift/talent/skill. To deny it is like denying your Being.

Don’t let the fire within burn out – contribute to the fire. Agaamashkode Debwe!


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Martha Brownell ...

Thank you for sharing words of wisdom Debbie. It is easy to become disillusioned and discouraged but sometimes more difficult to find our creative veins, motivation and confidence. For me, and others I am sure, my creativity is directly connected to my level of confidence. Stress and worry has a way of interrupting or interfering with our creative thought processes as well. I have a deep respect for and admiration of our members here that are designing and creating such beautiful pieces despite the crazy world we are all living in!

Debbie Pribele ...

disillusionment etc is all from looking outward — return to the within, to your true SELF. just create. just express yourself through your craft. and trust that whatever will be, will be.

I am reminded of “If you build it, they will come” :)
Follow your passion .. build it, and they will come!

Oh my, I’m on a roll this morning! lol

Marta ...


Martha Brownell ...

You are so right Debbie. I am enjoying creating for my family’s Christmas because of my love for them!