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Yesterday we were doing our last craft fair of the year and since it is close to Christmas I was wearing my “ugly” Christmas necklace. I made this cheap, gawdy Christmas necklace several years ago with plastic Christmas light bulbs, cheap chain & bells….probably spent less than $5 to make it. I always referred to it as my “Ugly Christmas” necklace, lol. I always got comments on it and people would tell me they loved it! Needless to say, I always got a kick out of wearing it. Well, yesterday I had a customer come by to pick up a special order necklace and she also wanted to buy my Christmas necklace! Sold it to her for $10. You just never know…haha!


Cheryl Lojewski


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Marta ...

Awesome! So fun to sell right off our necks! Lol

Madalynne Homme ...

Isn’t that funny! Sometimes I’m reluctant to set anything out that I think is ugly and that’s the first thing that sells! LOL!

Terrie ...

LOL! Love that story, Cheryl! Good on ya! Now, you’ll have to make another one for yourself! :-)

Cheryl Lojewski ...

All those years I had it, I never took a picture of it….wish I had! Maybe I’ll make two and sell another one, lol.