Bead and Button Show

I am not sure how many of you subscribe to this, but for you who don’t and are interested, I’m posting a link to the classes you can take at the show.

I’m not going, but I can honestly say that if I ever do go, I’ll have to bring several thousand dollars with me!

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Donna luna


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kimberly newman ...

Wish you could go Donna! Is anyone on here going? I will be there the 9-11 for the BeadDreams competition and of course all of the beads. Would love to meet up with anyone who is going.

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

I wish I could too. ☹️ Congratulations on your new article/project in Jewelry Artist magazine. I read it today! You’re getting to be quite the published jewelry diva.

kimberly newman ...

Thank you Donna, I have been working really hard to get my work out there. I was surprised at how many of my projects they featured in the May issue! I had no idea until I received my copy! The two rings were from Step by Step Wire which went out of publication so Lapidary Journal is taking on easier projects to reach a larger audience. I was very lucky to get contacted by them. I have another project coming out in the June issue as well. I am so blessed an honored to finally be able to have my work be seen. Thanks again for the congrats it means a lot to this non-diva one stop light small town chick. LOL!

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

Well deserved accolades, Kim. Your work is very good and you’ve taken to new techniques like a fish to water. Keep doing what you’re doing.