Jewelry Business #1: Creating Your Logo

I would like to create my own logo for my jewelry business. My question is, what do you use? Did you use templates, hire someone to create it, or made it yourself? I’d love to have my logos on the velvet bags, tags, earring cards, etc. Does it have to be copyrighted or what? Any help is always appreciated :)

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kimberly newman ...

Hi Delilah, the way I did my logo was to take Kim’s Creative Designs and condense it to KCD jewelry. And the cheapest way is to have a rubber stamp made and do it yourself. Unless you have a huge money making jewelry business (and most of us don’t) you would be putting a lot of money out to have gift bags and other items made with your logo. Business cards are another way economically to save. You can slide one in each hand stamped pouch or punch a hole in the corner and tie it to the drawstring. Most people get rid of the pouch when they get home so, to me, it is a waste of money. I have tried and priced every method and the more you can do yourself, the more profit you get to keep. Hope this helps.

Delilah ...

The kind of logo I want is to be put on some private labels such as jewelry pouch, coffee mugs, also on business cards, website, even on my earring cards. I’m just beginning and thought I would put in something unique to make my own brand. Thank you for responding!

Marta ...

I did my business cards through the site. They do posters cheaply too. I will say you are on the right track, an artist who used to make glass beads told me, “you have to have a gimmick”. And she was right, it’s what people look for ….not always knowingly but they will remember you by the way you treat them, how well your jewelry holds up, how your booth looks etc…. I like Kim’s idea of the rubber stamp…!

Diane ...

I used to be a graphic designer. My suggestion would be to find a good, local, legitimate designer that you can work with personally. My sister almost got into a mess using someone online. It turned out that they were simply copying other works and claiming it as their own. She wound up using a local calligrapher and got a beautiful, completely unique logo.

Once you have the logo artwork – printing your own business cards, as Kimberly mentioned, is a great way to go. The business card stock and printers today do a great job.

Using a company like Vista, as Marta mentioned, is also a great way to go.

Kimberly mention having a stamp made. This is a great idea as well. You can also choose to heat emboss your stamped logo [in certain instances like stickers, postcards, etc.] – which produces a lovely and professional touch.

Jessica Vibes ...

Hey Delilah,
I totally agree with all the advice mentioned above. Just wanted to add one thing: perfection isn’t necessary, particularly when you’re starting out. You can always rebrand when you’re going bigger and better. Humble beginnings don’t really mean your jewelry business stays small forever. It’s okay to start small and perfect things along the way as you grow.

Cindy A. ...

Rather than use a logo/stamp on my stuff (I don’t make enough money to warrant the expense), I chose a color scheme to work with, designer pre-printed foil bags and foil boxes I ordered online, and I use tastefully done stickers and ribbon I get really cheap from fabric stores. Vistaprint does have a lot of options for customizing stuff, and they’re relatively inexpensive, especially if you order your business cards through them, because they’ll usually give you discounts for other products. Custom earring cards is a great idea. I’ve seen them, and they do make an impact. Now THAT I would definitely pay for. But the velvet bags…I agree with Marta, people just throw them away, and that’s a lot to spend on customization. Do you have a photo editing software program like PaintShop or PhotoShop? I used PaintShop Pro to play around with stuff to create my logos. VistaPrint lets you upload your own designs.

Delilah ...

I wish I could click like in every response! Sorry took so long to response but you all are wonderful and gave me so much to work with. Thank you!!! <3