Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or do some of you jewelry makers that post on here, sometimes feel like your jewelry isn’t as good as everyone elses?

I see some of the intricate creations so many of you post and I think to myself, not only would I not have the patience to make that but the talent for that detailed bead work some of you do eludes me.

Most of my jewelry is pretty simple but I try to be creative about the things I design and I actually don’t post the simplest of my pieces on here because frankly, I’m a little embarrassed. Not that I don’t like them or think there is a market out there, but I feel kind of silly posting some of it when I see so many pieces on here that have taken so many hours for some of you to make.

Don’t get me wrong, no one on this forum/site has ever said anything to make me feel like my designs are inferior…it’s just a silly little feeling I have and was wondering if I’m alone in this.

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K. Lynn Designs


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Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

Kimberly, you are not alone in this. I look at many of the pieces on here and feel the same way. I do believe we all put parts of our personalities into the pieces we make, and we can seriously appreciate other’s work, especially when it is more complex than ours. But we all have beautiful pieces that reflect who we are. That’s what matters most.

K. Lynn Designs ...

Thanks Donna. Kelly

RockSterling ...

Hey Kim,
i saw your creations , these are so creative and most beautiful
just think positive , you will always get positive

Martha Brownell ...

I’m sorry to hear you feel this way. I have been following your work and find nothing inferior about it. What brought me to this group was that despite finding so many different styles, skill levels, materials used and personalities, everyone seemed supportive, providing positive feedback and even compassion sometimes. It saddens me even more that you feel “embarrassed” to post some of your designs. I am fairly new at making jewelry and did not start until later in my life so I knew going in and even expected that there would be many more advanced and more talented artists out there making wonderful contributions to this group. I would hate to think that I should ever feel embarrassed though to post something simply because I thought someone might be capable of creating something more beautiful than I can. I celebrate those individuals that have wonderful capabilities, talent and beautiful imagination to create some of the stunning creations posted here! You are certainly one of those.

K. Lynn Designs ...

Thank you Martha! Please know that I have received nothing but positive feedback from this community. I appreciate your feedback

Cindy A. ...

Yep, I understand EXACTLY how you feel. But you know what? There’s a market for everyone. I stopped putting up a lot of my creations too, because I feel I can’t compete with the level some have reached. I think we’re too hard on ourselves though. I got into making jewelry to make the kind of stuff I like to wear, and although I don’t make a living wage off of what I sell (nor does it even begin to pay for the amount of material I keep buying to make it!), it makes me happy. So if you’re making something and you’re proud of what you’ve done and it makes the people who buy and wear it happy, that’s all that matters. Now I’m going to go repeat this to myself ;)

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

Cindy, no one could have said it better!

Marta ...

Cindy and Martha, well said! We should all just remember why each of us started to make jewelry and give ourselves a mantra…".I am creative, I am good enough….I am the best at what I’m doing! ". And heck, let’s just have some fun!

K. Lynn Designs ...

Thanks to all of you for your kind and sensible words. Love this community!

Jean Bruce ...

My jewelry that I make is very simple, but I love coming on here and seeing everyone jewelry we have some very talented people on here, I feel I can learn so much from others. So just keep posting your simple designs because someone will learn something from them