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Hi Everyone!
I have lost interest in making jewelry or being creative, I really love being creative and making jewelry. I’m raising my grandson so my time is limited, so if any of you have lost interest, my question how did you get back into make jewelry and being creative

Jean Bruce


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Cindy A. ...

Jean, I totally feel you on this one. When I first started working the craft show circuit I had no idea what I was getting myself into and it killed my creative drive so bad I didn’t make anything for over 2 years. I still have slumps. What I do is organize/re-organize my supplies. A lot of times being around the material and getting ideas as I’m handling it helps stimulate the creativity. So does going to bead/craft stores. The only thing that has pulled me through the last really bad slump is finding a design I could repeat over and over again with different beads, so at least I’m still making jewelry even if it’s not original. I also moved to a different space where I had more room and privacy. Sometimes the energy of the space you’re working in can be a big block if it doesn’t feel comfortable. I keep a lot of things within easy reach, like my phone, charger, tv, a space to set a glass of water that way I don’t have to keep getting up. If it just isn’t happening, don’t force it. Sometimes you just need a break and a different outlet. Give yourself permission to lose interest. Creativity can’t really be canned; the minute you try, you kill it. So be gentle and patient with it.

Jean Bruce ...

Thanks Cindy, I think that my space for beading is a lot of the problem, I had to give up my craft room for my grandson which he is so worth giving it up for, but moving everything in the garage where the space is used by everyone to store stuff so it’s a total mess, I will try cleaning and organizing to see if that helps.

Dreamsweaver ...

I do many different crafts: knit, crochet, make jewelry, quilt, read, wood carving…when I lose interest in one I usually pick up one of the others…my muse returns when I am ready for that craft!

Jean Bruce ...

I also do many crafts, might be part of the problem I’m knitting baby items for a shower that I need done plus 2 more baby blankets before July. Might be my way of saying you have enough on your plate right now