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Jewellery sells have become one of the leading sale items on the internet worldwide. Items online sell better and faster with details such as sizes or choice of color are involved. You can easily find anything you want online – handmade jewellery, costume jewellery, one of a kind jewellery, fine jewellery, etc. Also, jewellery is relatively small and easy to ship.

Here’s a list of five jewellery designs you can purchase online…

Browns Fashions – Although the website also sells clothing, they have and an extensive line of fine jewellery designs and accessories. Browns Fashions has been around since 1970 by Joan & Sidney Burstein of London. They are experienced and meticulous to details.
Otiumberg – Founded in 2014 by Christie and Rosanna Wollenberg, (two sisters raised in London), Otiumberg aims to give shoppers a one-stop destination where they can find modern jewellery designs for under £300 or $390 US.

Mikimoto - Established by Mikimoto Kokichi, who is credited with making the first cultured pearl. The first Mikimoto store opened in 1899 in Tokyo, and it later expanded to London, Paris, New York, Bombay, and other major cities, and was the first Japanese jewelry house to gain international fame. Mikimoto jewelry designs are known for its exquisite pearls and simple, elegant designs, though they make more elaborate pearl jewelry as well.

Adriana Guelfi Herrera Jeweller by Nature – Ms. Guelfi specializes in one of a kind jewellery design using primarily natural resources. All of her pieces at As a nature lover since her days as a child in Uruguay, she dreamed of creating jewellery made from the earth’s resource and proudly presents her collection – Dead Nature…Alive. Dead Nature…Alive is an ecosystem composed of small collections inspired by Nature personally hand forged by Ms. Guelfi herself. Take a look at her handmade jewellery at

Tiffany – Tiffany & Co. was founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany in New York in 1837. The company truly became a design icon during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods of the early 20th century, when they began selling their famous diamond and platinum solitaire engagement rings. Tiffany jewellery designs was the iconic “Bird on a Rock” – a brooch in which a diamond and gold bird perches on an enormous 128.54-carat yellow diamond.

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Wandering Rock Designs ...

Did you know that one of the largest markets on Etsy is the Jewelry Category? Selling online allows a hobbyist or student to sell their work while improving their skills and earning some money to reinvest in their training, tools, or precious gems and metals. You can also find quality work for lower prices due to lower costs and the artist working to establish their brand/reputation.

GiveawayJewelry ...

Handmade jewelry is very variant and unique. I like to make jewellery with natural pieces of Tagua. And I want you to recommend designs I can do. Thank you for sharing these issues with me.

lisaror ...

Hello, my name is Lisa and I am an owner of Artworks Studio California. My jewelry is only a very small portion of my work and I have not marketed it for many years. My question is it ok in today’s market to use phone camera’s for portfolio prints? I am from the old school photo ara and now my phone takes great pictures. Are they enough for the online market or should I go back to my old ways!

AlexisSophia ...

Handmade jewelry is made with a unique design and its give a fashionable look. I mostly prefer such type of jewelry, As per one of my friend’s suggestion recently I purchased Crescent Gems Yellow Sapphire Gemstone. It’s really looking very pretty.
Thank you