Catching up

I am sorry to say my dear, sweet husband passed on 08/21. Less than a year from the time he was diagnosed with colon cancer. I miss him terribly. Fortunately my kids are so supportive.

I have been making jewelry and ventured off into other art forms like mixed media, polymer clay, painting, and such. I still do my bead work but don’t sweat over selling it like I used to. I figure it is my best form of self expression and art form.

I hope this finds all of you doing well. If not know that I care and would love to hear from you either way.

I will be adding some recent completed pieces. I am working on a piece in collaboration with a ceramics artist I hope to enter into the Bead and Button show next year-we will see.



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Suz ...

Sorry to hear of your loss, I will pray for you. Keep busy, it helps.

Cassandra Wood ...

,Thanks Suz

Marta ...

So sorry for your loss.

Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

Cassandra, I’m so sorry for your loss.

Martha Brownell ...

Dam cancer! I am so sorry. Mine is still fighting and winning so far. Keeping busy doing something that you love and feel good about helps a lot, as you know. I look forward to seeing your work again.

Cassandra Wood ...

Thanks Martha. I will pray for your husband.

Jean Bruce ...

So sorry for your loss

cindymarie ...

Cancer is a devil, I myself am a survivor and I have lost close family and friends. Sorry for your loss and working on creative projects help. Often times I will feel their presence and it will inspire me and gets me to thinking about them. I look forward to seeing your work. God bless