mid century designers - art smith, ruth berridge #1: masters of mid century jewelry design

i have made jewelry since the i was in the 7th grade ( i’m 48 ).

not continuously, i wasn’t chained to a workbench in a sweat-shop, but whenever i wanted something specifically exciting, i made it myself. i’d go to the gem-show in tucson, az and pick up whatever i needed and wham-bam-thank-you-mam, i’d have a dazzling string of beads/gems/what-have-you. i could wrap wire and string beads, and adjust jump-rings and clasps -— no problem.

only within the last 5 years or so have i gotten into the mechanics of it all.
i mean, geeze – i finally started making my own earring-wires and clasps instead of buying them a month or so ago -( wtf? i should have done this YEARS ago).

i started looking to ‘the masters’ of mid century jewelry design - and for exercise, re-creating their stuff to the best of my ability, and then re-interpreting it per my aesthetic.

i love sleek, seamless jewelry whose only complication is motion - that is what i love about the jewelry of Art Smith and Ruth Berridge - i have a couple of ‘tribute’ pieces that are bouncing around in the tumbler right now -- as soon as i can put them together and tape up my camera (seriously – it requires rubberbands at this point) i will attach photos.

i wonder whose work inspires other people?
whose work do you strive to equal or surpass?

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