Hello everybody🤗

My love of jewelry

My love of jewelry began in 2009. After staring at various pieces in shops and redesigning them in my daydreaming, I finally got up the nerve to buy some beads and instruction books. Then I stared at those for a couple more months until I was stuck at home recuperating from surgery, and with nothing but time on my hands my journey had begun…

My taste leans toward ethnic bohemian. When dreaming up a piece I tend to start with answering a question. Will it be fire, earth, water or air? Looking back at my jewelry I think it’s quite clear I favor earth.
My new technique to master in 2018 is macrame and wire wrapping. I’ve got one macrame piece under my belt that I’m proud of but the journey to get to the finish point had a lot of dips and I would love some guidance to make it smoother next time…

I would love to be able to sell my pieces one day. I am a frugal jewelry shopper myself, but as I make my own and realise the time and effort that go into a project I am appreciating others time and effort more, and the price point reflecting that. Which brings me to my conundrum… how to i price my creativity?
Well so far the answer is that I can’t. Not without it being a touch ridiculous. I guess with more experience so I can whip pieces up quicker, and do duplicates then I’ll be ready for that next step…

I’m a mom to three awesome little women 2, 5, and 10 all going on 23🙄😉. As i mentioned, my jewelry journey began in 2009, and I was learning and creating heaps. In 2012 I married and moved to Australia, and for 5 years dealt with some soul deadening emotional abuse. I worked to get out from under that yoke. Now my girls and I are happier on our own and a year later I’m so grateful to realise that I am healing! My creative daydreaming spirit has not been forever destroyed! I have the desire and ability to learn more and make more and so here I am, a member since 2015, making my first blog post and taking that next creative step.
Nice to meet y’all 🤗



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