The beautiful platinum cut diamond engagement ring

If you are seeking wedding rings for you and your spouse created from naturally white metals, in spite of silver, you might like to choose either palladium or platinum. Still, it’s hard to know the differences between palladium and platinum wedding rings. Here, we are going to explain some of the important points that let you compare the pros and cons of these 2 white metals.

Color Comparison Between Palladium and Platinum Wedding Rings
Both palladium and platinum wedding rings are similar in whiteness. The majority of people seeing platinum engagement rings for women beside a palladium ring would have trouble telling the difference. Nowadays, whiteness is decided by a color spectrophotometer. Different from gold, which can differ as per the alloys employed in the bands, platinum and palladium are pure natural white metals.

Comparative Weight of Palladium and Platinum bands
From all the naturally white metals on the earth, platinum is said to be the densest or heaviest metal whereas palladium is the lightest and least dense of them. As a result, palladium wedding bands will feel much lighter compared to the platinum rings for women. As soon as you wear the ring on your finger, it’s not expected that you will see the differences between both the metals.
The solidity of Platinum and Palladium Wedding Bands

When it comes to Solidity, both palladium and platinum are hard metals, much harder as compared to the 14K gold wedding bands. Palladium is rated 5 and platinum is rated 4 on MOH scale. But, when mixed, platinum increased to 4.5 and palladium gets increased to 5.75. The major difference in solidity between palladium as well as platinum wedding bands is not important in the context of carrying over your existence. Both palladium and platinum are true and tried options.


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