SIlver jewelry #1: What if you are allergic to silver jewellery?

Professionals say, that most of the time a silver jewelry allergy, in reality, is a nickel or copper allergy. As you might know from our previous posts, silver itself is very soft material and for the jewelry making it is being mixed with other stronger materials. The items from IDenteco store, for example, are made from sterling silver, which means that 92.5 % in the jewelry is pure silver, the rest -other materials (usually copper or nickel)

Allergy symptoms

It is known that around 7-15 % of people can have these allergies. The usual symptoms are the following:

-skin color change to green or blue

-red flaky skin


-itchy and dry skin


In order to treat allergic reactions, moisturize your skin before wearing any silver jewelry. There are special creams or products designed to protect your skin. The alternative is to apply powder to the skin underneath the silver and wearing the jewelry less often and not for a long time.
Always keep silver jewelry and your skin clean, it will help to avoid complications.
I am a huge fan of sterling silver jewelry myself, but until now I cannot wear silver earrings for a long time, especially the heavy ones. However, I cannot refuse to wear them, so I occasionally put them on and keep the problem under control :).

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  • Part 1: What if you are allergic to silver jewellery?

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KC78 ...

Have you tried a higher grade of silver? More pure, harder to find. I used to react to things with silver plating because of the copper or other elements underneath coming through from wear.

IDenteco ...

the highest quality of silver is 925, which means only 92.5 % is silver, the rest is still other metals. I personally have some silver earrings that perfectly fit and don’t bother me, while the same material but maybe heavier ones can cause irritation. All subjective I guess