Bitamulet, a technology for Jewelery designers

What is Bitamulet?
In essence, a Bitamulet is a symbol. It is formed by calculating the Cartesian (xyz) coordinates of the planetary bodies of our solar system at the place and time of a person’s birth, and then transforming them into a unique and fashionable art item. Theoretically, a Bitamulet can be manifested at any important time of your life.

One could approach Bitamulet as “the Talisman of Millennials”.

Bitamulet as a technology for designers
Bitamulet manufacturing potential is not restricted to the designs which are promoted through Our technology allows any designer to create its unique Bitamulet jewels. Following the design guidelines with regards to the movement of the axes, an unlimited number of shapes and products can be generated, unveiling an enormous crafting potential.

Is it an astrological symbol?
Astrology is inundated with a long history of predefined symbolism, archetypes and tradition. Bitamulet is free of these. It is strictly a process for symbolic transformation, a system that allows for the creative production of unique symbols with personal meaning. Whether one wishes to attribute astrological purpose and meaning to their own Bitamulet is a matter of choice.

How jewelries are shaped?
Bitamulet technology employs Astronomical calculations to generate the sequence of 48 figures representing the XYZ coordinates of the planets of our Solar system at any selected time and place on earth. Each planet is moving around the center of the amulet to create a unique outfit, which is then automatically formed to a 3D shape and ultimately to a casted jewelry. The final touch in the creation of any Bitamulet jewel is left up to its owner through a selection of interesting variations on the central theme, the most popular ones being “Life Maze”, Life Ellipse” and “Sunlight Birth.”

*Art and Spirituality *
Symbols are, in essence, metaphors. They have the capacity to capture and embody the full quality, and power, of that which they represent. From the cross, an all-powerful religious symbol, all the way to letters, the humble servants of the alphabet, symbols serve an infinite variety of purposes. Without them, human civilisation as we know it, would not exist.

Art is leveraged by an outthrust of a meaning, manifested in the brain of the spectator. Bitamulet succeeds in this mental operation, by enriching the meaning of the jewel with the coordinates of the planetary objects. It is a spiritual connection of time and space.

*The Licensing Opportunity *
Think of an innovative brand in the place where art, fashion and spirituality meet. A semantic jewelry, a wearable symbol of uniqueness and individuality, embodied in a Bitamulet.

Early adopters will be grossly benefited from the acceleration of Bitamulet movement, through exclusive rights in different markets and regions. Our proposed terms allow full access to the platform and a fixed fee per jewel, so that the profit margin from the sale stays with the designer and the manufacturer.

To become a licensee, you simply need to contact us here:


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