How Others Sell Handmade Jewelry on Shopify

It turns out there are over 800,000 sellers using Shopify, so trying to get your store to standout is obviously going to be difficult.

Though that hasn’t stopped, who was chosen as, the best Shopify jewelry stores from going above and beyond with selling their products.

I thought I’d share this with you since it will definitely be a source of inspiration with making your own jewelry or organizing your own store.

You can find information about each of these stores and links to their websites in the link above, but jewelry makers you should investigate are:

Cherry Diva

The founders started their business with just a £100 investment. Even if you have very little capital to invest, you should be inspired by Cherry Diva by understanding that you too can launch your business with just sheer determination and an objective… even if one of those goals is a bit broad.

Vivian Frank

Even though Vivian Frank didn’t come to be in this manner, her business still highlights that anyone can potentially make money with their hobbies. All you need is to understand where your audience is waiting for you and have a passion for what you do.

YCL Jewels

Fabienne didn’t come from a school which specialized in jewelry making. She took her passion for creating jewelry and was able to turn it into a business. Since that moment she has gone on to build an internationally recognized brand, which has featured in several news outlets. Fabienne is an inspiration to anyone who wants to turn their hobby into a business.

Metal Marvels

You don’t have to be corporate or have a ‘family friendly’ brand. You can launch a business and brand that captures every aspect of who you are, even if it’s not traditionally appropriate.


WearLex is a good example of a business which benefits from its craftsmanship. If you have a passion for what you do, it will come across in the final product. However, your wares might be the finest ever produced, you still need a game plan for marketing your business otherwise how will people be able to find you?

Rebel Nell

Everything about this business is to be admired. They help those who need it most and give them another chance to redefine themselves. Their material repurposing efforts mean they can keep a graffiti’s artists work alive and their items are, quite literally, a little piece of Detroit, celebrating its culture. Best Shopify jewelry stores are ones who think outside the box like Rebel Nell.


The founders of QALO found a niche and small gap in the market. Their products are targeted towards the more outdoorsy people, but their stylish and comfortable rings make the desirable for anyone. Along with their rings, they have built a huge community, promoting active healthy living and have a ton of professional athletes sporting their products.

Paolo Costagli

Paolo Costagli should be bookmarked by any designer who wants to break into the fashion industry, like the next Michael Kors… but with jewelry… we’re not sure who’s the go-to for the fashion industry

By Charlotte

This might be unfair to say from Charlotte’s point of view, but the reason we’ve highlighted her business as one of the best Shopify jewelry stores is that the brand image is based around a trend. When we say trend, we mean people are becoming more individualistic and are seeking meanings through spirituality, and By Charlotte caters to these customers.

Gwen Delicious

Gwen Delicious makes it onto our list because this business should inspire other artisans to make their own Shopify jewelry stores. There was no real plan, just a hobby turned part-time business on the side. But now has become a family run business and is still growing!

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