Hello everyone!!

Hi everyone! My name is Robert Nguyen, 33 years old living in Southern California in Westminster. Six months ago, I was offered by my now teacher an apprenticeship in jewelry design and repair. I decided joining a discussion forum on with people in this trade would be both beneficial to everyone and myself. I am new to this and not very knowledgeable in the names of tools or techniques. Hopefully, you guys will understand if I may have ask a stupid question or used it a term incorrectly. I want to learn the basics and build a solid foundation for myself in jewelry.

My goal is to master this craft while continually exploring the different techniques each one of you guys employ in your craft. I want to be able to gain perspectives in approaching this craft.

At the moment, I am working with silver until I master the techniques before I move onto gold. I have learned how to melt silver from scrap into ingots. Then I would let it cool down a bit before quenching and pickling it. Next, I would begin rolling the silver until the desired size. I would anneal after every two lines to ensure the silver was workable. I draw the silver wire until I get the desired gauge. Taking the silver wire, I wind the silver wire around a pin to make loops. I use cutters to cut this then join the loops together. The openings are facing each other as to when time comes to solder I would need to solder only on section on the necklace.
I may have left out some steps and I apologize. Also, if there are anything you guys see wrong please critique me as I want to learn.


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