5 easy ways to test the authenticity of Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds can never be a second choice when it comes to buying jewellery for special occasions. In fact, most of us would prefer to have a solitaire diamond as a token of love for our engagement, wedding or any other such kind of event.

But, do you really know how authentic and real your diamond jewellery is!
If not, now you can!

Here are the 5 simple and easy ways to test the authenticity of a real diamond.

Magnification test

A natural diamond is always imperfect, and thus, the irregular shape along with supernatural shine combined together when observed under a magnifying glass can simply identify if the diamond is real or artificial. A real diamond has beautiful imperfections, sharp edges and clear-cut facet lines. If you do not find any of these features, then it means the Diamond has been generated in a Lab.

Reflection test

Holding a diamond in direct sunlight gives way to a clear-cut crisp reflection that bounces back from the stone. A real diamond often gives a white and grey dazzle with rainbow colour reflections in the sunlight. But a fake Diamond would directly reflect the rainbow colors, without giving the grey or white dazzle as a real Diamond does.

Sandpaper test

Diamond is the hardest stone known to man. Scratching its surface with a piece of sandpaper is thus, not going to affect its surface keeping the diamond scratch-free. There cannot be any dainty scratch on a real diamond due to sandpaper, but if the diamond is fake the sandpaper will definitely leave its scratch marks on the stone.

Fog test

To test the diamond, put it in front of your mouth and fog it as you do with a mirror. If the Diamond steams up, then it’s not a real gem because a real diamond would instantly disperse the heat from your mouth and won’t fog up that easily.

Refraction test

Placing the real diamond on a white paper and checking for its shadow is another way to test a diamond. If the diamond doesn’t make a clear cut shadow it is a real diamond. Also, check if the diamond sustains a dazzling illumination of scattered light as the beam of light falls over it or not. This will finalize the reality check.

However, you can buy authentic diamond jewellery from any of the best jewellery shops in Chandigarh without having to worry about the authenticity of the stones.

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