PEARL STRINGING made UNBELIEVABLY EASY #1: Jane's Super Easy Pearl Stringing Technique

The classic pearl stringing technique is so nonsensical that it takes years to learn how to do it correctly. There are even more absurd tools to make it “easier” but it’s still awkward.

Here is my super easy technique, which I originally developed to be more comfortable on my own back and neck. When I started showing my jewelry on cruise ships, I also started teaching people how to make their own. With this technique they always learn on the first piece- even a woman with only one arm. This technique is so easy I taught a 3 year old – - – not hyperbole- here are the photos!

This is my gift to this community.

Pearl Stringing Demo

Pearl Stringing Demo #2

The videos were only intended to be a demo, not instructional. And I only posted them as a reminder to the people I taught. From the people who have contacted me, they seem to be working as instruction, too.

Here is a secret (shhhhh- don’t tell) the real reason I love to teach is that my classes are secretly a class in creativity and self esteem. Before the the knotting part of the class begins, I teach a hand’s on class about the different pearl types- putting examples in each students hands until each and every one truly understands what gives pearls their various costs. I use the pearls as metaphor for us all- showing how there is no right and wrong, how the most expensive might not be the best for everyone (I look awful in yellow so the golden South Sea pearls- not for me) and I teach people to forget about anything other than what they enjoy. There are many more techniques to ignite creativity and confidence in each student. Seeing the light go on in each student’s eyes is deliciously selfish for me.

Feel free to call or write if you have questions about the technique or materials, or if you would like me to teach for your organization.


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  • Part 1: Jane's Super Easy Pearl Stringing Technique



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Thank you Jane for posting these, I have been struggling to knot Pearls and your technique looks so easy, I can’t wait to give it a go!