Belleanna Rambles #2: Spring Market Display Makeover

I am starting to prepare for my first 2015 spring market. I have decided to try and focus my jewelry more and to offer more bracelet and necklaces. As well I invested in new displays. I have decided to have a theme of white and linen to display my pieces- as they seem to show the pieces best. I do have two busts that are hot pink for a pop of color and interest. As well I purchased a small metal tortoise with a linen pin cushion to display earrings on. I have begun to realize that people are drawn to displays that are interesting.

Below is my previous display with my jewelry packaged neatly in cellophane bags on punched cards. I have two main racks- but I have found this is too overwhelming for most people.

What do you find works for you? I will share how the fair goes it is a month out right now so I am just getting ready.

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Donna's trinkets, LLC ...

I usually go to one craft fair each year because it hurts me to go at all, but I like the one I participate in. I found that offering people a tabletop mirror boosted my sales this past year and so did choice. I offer to help them create something that is uniquely theirs with a few things I bring along each year. Last year, I brought serpentine bracelets and charms, like Pandora, only less expensive. This was a good plan because I sold quite a few.

Back to the display…I found a way to show my things by using those cork boards you get in Wal-Mart and some fabric from the same. I used a neutral colored tablecloth over the table and saved the color for the display boards. I also used wire racks to make tiers to showcase my nicer necklaces. I am attaching a couple of pic so you can get ideas. I know this looks crowded, but I had a ton of things to sell and couldn’t make up my mind what to leave home.

Belleanna ...

Very Pretty display! I like all the bangles :) How did you display your pandora style charms? I have some and I find it a bit hard to display them effectively. They almost seem to get lost amongst everything else.