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Jewelers.Community Gazette - Issue 1.05 (August 2015)

((humming)) Summertime, Summertime, …. Is the summer weather impacting your creation-time? Are you spending more time outdoors than at your work space? Or…. does the beautiful weather inspire you, providing you with so many ideas for jewelry...

Jewelers.Community Gazette - Issue 1.04 (July 2015)

It’s summer Awards time and that’s exciting – so many creative variations of the same theme. I love seeing how people interpret the topic and use their creativity and their skills to create well… a broad spectrum of beauty! And, as I put...

Jewelers.Community Gazette - Issue 1.03 (June 2015)

Summer is such a beautiful time of year to sport jewelry, don’t you think? What is your favourite summer jewelry – to wear? to make? ~ Debbie

Jewelers.Community Gazette - Issue 1.02 (May 2015)

MAY — Mother’s Day, gardening, and creating jewelry pieces, of course! MAY your month be a sparkly, shiny one! ~ Debbie (P.S. Be sure to check out the challenge I have for you in the “theme” section.)

Jewelers.Community Gazette: Issue 1.01 (April 2015)

Our first “monthly gazette” for our new site – how exciting! Jewelers.Community is off to a great start, with extraordinary artists sharing their beautiful creations as well as their stories and jewelry-making tips! You people are awesome! I...